Judges Favourite No 3 February 2021 - Featured Photographer Cat Stephens

Congratulations to Cat Stephens for winning Silver on last months image awards and gaining a Judges Favourite award! Each month, judges favourites will get their own featured blog to take a look behind the scenes at how the image was shot!

Where was your image taken?

Alongside the River Thames in Abingdon. The couple had just had a tiny micro wedding with just two witnesses and booked me to do an hours shoot with them in the park next door that has the River at the end. Was the first wedding I had shot without going to a wedding! The couple were so brave at it was a freezing December day and so cold by the river.

How did you go about capturing it?

I wanted to get up a bit higher (and being a little vertically challenged!) so ended up climbing on a park bench to get the angle I wanted! I asked the couple to get in close and then just pause for a breath before they were going to kiss, this resulted in the very relaxed serene look on the bride's face.

What equipment did you use?

Canon 5d MkIII with a 70-200mm lens shot at 1/200 - f/3.2 - ISO 400 and then edited with my own presets and hand-finished to remove distractions.

Is Wedding photography your main focus?

It is my main focus but I also do family, newborn and boudoir although my long term plan is to increase the weddings and decrease the other sides as my family commitments change.

What advice would you give to others wanting to shoot weddings?

Second, second, second! Go along as a bag carrier, light carrier, assistant, whatever you are offered to start with. Weddings aren't just about being a great photographer, you have got to know the process inside out so you can pre-empt what's going to happen. This not only means you will do a better job but also that it will be a lot less stressful. I see so many very good photographers who stress over tiny things because the actual wedding day and timings aren't second nature to them. I bag carried for a long time before I did my first wedding and I don't get stressed or nervous because of that. Website: http://www.catstephensphotography.com/

Closing date for the March awards is 31 Mar 21 @ 00.00am

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