Judges Favourite October 2020 - Featured Photographer Huanita Kiss-Carnuta

Congratulations to Huanita Kiss-Carnuta for winning Silver on last months image awards and gaining the Judges Favourite award! Each month, the judges favourite will get their own featured blog to take a look behind the scenes of how the image was shot!

Where was your image taken? This image was taken in my little studio in Bucharest, Romania. 

How did you go about capturing it?

They were my first set of twins. They were fussy when arriving to the studio and even after being fed they wouldn't stay on the bean bag. Therefore I swaddled them up one by one and placed them inside the prop.

The little girls were conceived very hard via IVF, born slightly premature, as most twin babies, and I wanted to capture them close to their mothers heart. Ergo the wooden heart bowl. I used different, but matching fall colours because they are not identical twins and there is an obvious difference between them. 

What equipment did you use?

I used a Nikon D750 with a 50mm lens, f1.4, natural light. 

Is Newborn photography your main focus?

I love Newborn photography but also love everything related to family. That includes Maternity, Newborn and small kids. For the moment I can't choose one area since the dynamic of family photography is such a vast category to explore. 

What advice would you give to others wanting to shoot Newborns?

A good advice, also given to me at the beginning, is to take a one-to-one course with an experienced photographer and then practice practice practice!!!

Being in the artistic field helps but you might be a natural talent, so you never know! 

For me it was a smooth and natural transition to photography because I went through Art Schools and an Art & Design University in England. I encourage people to specialize as much as they can in the field they want to work in.

Don't expect to be awesome after one session... Usually takes 10 sessions to get in a comfortable place, if you are a natural talent. It might take longer but always remember to practice and keep in mind the safety of the baby! Choose only poses you feel comfortable with and add new ones slowly. You will nail it in time! Good luck! 

Huanita Kiss-Carnuta is a maternity, newborn, children and family photographer based in Bucharest.  You can view more of Huanita's work here

Website: https://www.huanitakiss.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/huanita_kiss_photography/

Closing date for the November awards is 30 Nov 20 @ 00.00am

Send your image to info.fpassociation@gmail.com

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