Judges Favourite September 2020 - Featured Photographer Tracey Lund

Updated: Mar 18

Congratulations to Tracey Lund for winning Gold on last months image awards and gaining the Judges Favourite award! Each month, the judges favourite will get their own featured blog to take a look behind the scenes of how the image was shot!

Where was your image taken?

This image of a Blue Morph Arctic Fox was taken in Hornstrandir Nature Reserve in Iceland

How did you go about capturing it?

We stayed in the nature reserve for a week and we have a few Arctic foxes that stayed around the accommodation which meant we did not have to venture far to photograph these beauties. Everyday i just sat/laid down on the snow near to the accommodation and watched the activity that was going on around us. As these are no longer hunted and are now a protected specie they do not have a direct fear of humans so can be very inquisitive.

What equipment did you use?

I used a Canon 7D MKII and a Canon 100-400 MKII lens

Is wildlife photography your main focus?

For the last 16 years i spend all my spare time and money travelling both local and internationally to photograph wildlife as this is where my passion lies and i like to show that passion through my images

What advice would you give to others wanting to shoot wildlife?

You need to be up for being out long hours and in all weather. Having a lot of patience can be very rewarding. Apply your passion and respect on top of fieldcraft and the images will come

Tracey Lund is a wildlife photographer based in Hull. Tracey shoots wildlife all over the globe and you can view here work here. 

Website: https://traceylundphotography.co.uk/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tracey.lund.7/

Closing date for the October awards is 31 Oct 20 @ 00.00am

Send your image to info.fpassociation@gmail.com

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